Past Life Regression holds a key to the doorway of Ascension.

Welcome to the Past Life Regression Healing Portal!

Buddha required his disciples to go through at least 40 Past Life Regressions to help cleanse their soul as they practiced ascension & worked through the sutras. I have found that the more Past Life Regressions I have done, the clearer I am and more aware I am of my own unconscious energy that emerges that is connected to past lives. I have done hundreds at this point, because it was one of my primary healing services that I practiced, and one of the primary ways that I have found the most transformative to heal myself. Each time I enter into a Past Life Regression experience, I see a different way to perceive light, and a different window into the story of my life… they have all been invaluable.

Listen to the Introduction to Past Life Regression and set time aside in your sacred space to experience the Full Past Life Regression Guided Meditation and Creative Visualization Experience. After your experience, take out your journal. Go to the Past Life Regression Home Practice Guide and read my recommendation for integrating this experience as well as journaling experiences that I have used in my personal practice and practice leading groups and individuals through this process.

Namasté, Aimee



Introduction to Past Life Regression is a 15 minute audio introduction to the process of past life regression and how you can integrate the wisdom gained in the regression into your personal healing journey using simple practices to bring balance and harmony to your mind, body and spirit



In this deeply healing past life regression program, you will gain insight into the origins and purpose of your past lives as a healing tool. This is a 31 minute guided hypnotic healing experience. In it you are led through three past lives. In each past life experience you heal with other members of your soul family.




One of the most transformative things about Past Life Regression practice is that each time you open to healing from an aspect of your past, a new door opens that you never saw before to an opportunity for change and eventually another healing. We can continue this process until all of our karma is cleansed. In Buddhism, Past Life Regression is seen as a tool on the path to enlightenment. By moving into your past, confronting and releasing pain; or remembering that which brought you joy; ultimately brings you into deeper alignment with your true self.

This home practices ebook guides you through a series of 3 practices you can do at home after your Past Life Regression to integrate the healing and awareness that come each time you engage in this transformational practice.