15 weeks

10 minutes – 90 minutes daily

Beginner + Advanced




Begin with our bestselling chakra healing guided meditations. Next you are led through a series of powerful energy healing activations and attunements to divine rays of light purify and awaken your chakra centers. Guided by the wisdom of the Goddess, you will bring your chakras into greater balance, harmony and radiance.

15 Chakra Healing Activations & Attunements

Follow the step-by step plan for 15 weeks 

30 Unique Supportive Meditative, Hypnotic Multidimensional Healing Experiences

Build a daily practice with us! Follow a daily calendar with supportive energy healing experiences.

Chakra Healing for Transcendent Health E-BOOK

Get Inspired and deepen your understanding of your chakras in Chakra Healing for Transcendent Health, an e-book and audiobook to accompany your healing journey.

Satisfaction Guarantee

This is the best chakra healing experience we have ever created. It is in a constant state of evolution. It is our life’s work and we pour our heart and soul into it. Satisfaction naturally emerges from a place deep within when you do this kind of healing work, we guarantee it.¬†

24/7 Portal Access

The Chakra Healing Intensive takes place within an online portal. When you purchase this program, you receive eternal 24/7 access to the program portal. This includes all updates forever!

Works on All Your Devices

You can stream or download all healing experiences on ANY device. We have a dedicated technical support team to help you if you do ever have a problem.

Heart-Centered Support

Our true purpose on Earth is to practice our craft with love. Our support team is also committed to communicating with love. We are here to serve you in love 6 days a week through email and live chat support.



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