RISE into your highest self…

Multidimensional Energy Healing



Breathing high vibrational light through your body will change your life.

Our multidimensional energy healing experiences take many forms & have two core practices that with repetition and over time will lead to the awakening of your lightbody.

1. Connect through your breath with multidimensional frequencies of light.

2. Work in expanded states of consciousness with light and with spiritual guides including angels, ascended master, beings of light and elemental spirits.

All energy emanates from one central source of light at the center of all that is. This is divine light, and through this light you move into a deeper relationship with the divinity within. More than meditations, our healing experiences help you to RISE into a transcendent state of health & embody your highest self! 

Come into alignment with your divine light!

BE a part of the creation of Heaven on Earth.

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Indigenous Spiritual Healing Series: Curanderas & Shamans

Masterclass – 90 Minutes

Indigenous Spiritual Healing Series: Egyptian Healing

Masterclass – 90 Minutes

DNA Activation & Attunement for Transcendent Health

Masterclass – 90 Minutes

Chakra Activation & Attunement for Transcendent Health

Masterclass – 90 Minutes

Genomics, Transpersonal Psychology & Multidimensional Healing

Masterclass – 90 Minutes

We love what we do.

Our life purpose to share that love with you…

‘I’ve been meditating for 5 years and this is my favorite. Excellent narration, very calming voice. Content is powerful and healing.’


‘This guided meditation has helped me to remove blocks in my chakras which in turn has helped me to feel healthy and happy. I got this thinking it might not work but I am a believer now.’


‘I’m new to meditation and I enjoyed this guided meditation was good for a beginner like me. Aimee’s voice is very relaxing.’ 


‘This was very hypnotic process and I felt alot of energy emanating from the sacral chakra including visualizations and alot of suppressed memories and feelings. It was a very healing experience for me.’


The messages I received from the elements were reminders of who I really am and how I am always supported. I felt relaxed and supported in the days following the meditation, though I also experienced pressure in my crown chakra, like it needed to expand to receive the flood of energy.


‘The Master Spiritual Guide Journey was the most beautiful experience that I have had in a very long time. I can hardly express my gratitude for this magical and beautiful experience.’


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This is our life’s work and we have poured our heart and soul into it. We guarantee you will love your experience. If not, email us and we will return your money. 

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